Sonic Glance - Rejuvenation LED Photon Therapy Vibration Massage Device

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Let’s face it (pardon the pun). When it comes to our daily beauty routine, the more we can do with one device, the better right? There are so many beneficial things we can do for our face, but who has the time and money to do them all?

Anti Wrinkle Face Massager
Now you can knock out a whole set of tasks for your daily facial beauty routine with our Sonic Glance - Rejuvenation LED Photon Therapy Vibration Massager. With the small ergonomically designed device, you’ll be on your way to achieving a healthier, younger-looking you in no time! This massager brightens, rejuvenates, and repairs your skin. That’s right! It’s an all-in-one wonder.  Simply adjust the light setting to the desired mode and let it works its magic. It’s also super easy to use and charge, coming with a convenient charging dock station for quick and easy storage.
Face Massage Machine For Wrinkles


Make Your Skin Routine Work - While using our Rejuvenating Photon Therapy Vibration Massager, not only will you be clearing up your skin, but you’ll then allow it to better absorb those expensive skin products you invest in.

Convenient Skin Care - Take this device with you. It’s made for people on the go and traveling. With 4 hours of use on a full charge, it is designed to work when you need it.

Photon Therapy - 3 different light settings have 3 distinct effects that are highly beneficial for your face. The red light rejuvenates the skin, the green light brightens the skin, and the blue light repairs the skin.

Ion + Lead Out Function - This removes dirt, residual makeup, and other buildups in the skin for a fresh, cleansing feel.

Vibrating Massage - Ultrasonic vibrations massage the face to activate skin cell metabolism that accelerates skin repair, tightens the skin, and regains elasticity.

Home Facial Massage Machine


  • Material: ABS+Stainless Steel
  • Color: White
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Battery Capacity: 450mah
  • Heating Temperature: 42
  • Light Mode: Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light
  • Working Modes: Ion + Lead Out/Ion - Lead In/Warm Massage Mode
  • Charging Time: about 2 Hours
  • Use Time: about 4 Hours
  • Main Unit Size: Approx. 16*4cm
  • Stand Base Size: Approx. 8.7*7.8cm
Electric Face Massager

What Does This Package Include:

  • 1 X LED Photon Therapy Vibration Massager
  • 1 X Plastic Fixing Ring
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X Stand Base
  • 1 X User Manual

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