Magnetic Screen Door Hands-free Fly Mesh Door Curtain

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Are you annoyed by the flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky bugs when you open the door in order to let fresh air in house to breathe? Why not try our screen door? It will be a great solution! It keeps the bugs out, while allows breeze into your house and brings you comfort. It frees your hands, as well as ensure that your little baby and pet can easily access, you don’t need to open or close the door for them frequently. Besides, it’s pretty easy to install and remove, you can use reuse it next year.

  • Fit Size Up To 39x82”: The screen mesh measures 39" × 82", which fits up to 39" × 82" door frame or slightly smaller than that. Please allow 1-2 cm deviation because of hand measurement.
  • Open Easily & Close Seamlessly: Equipped with 16 pairs strong magnetic cubes and magnet strips, the screen door with magnets can open easily and close seamlessly, which allow your kids or pets to go in and out so you don't need to open the door for him each time.
  • Keep Out Pesky Flying: With tiny dense holes, the net can effectively prevent the entry of mosquitoes outside of the house, even the larvae of mosquitoes cannot pass through the net. And Let natural air flow in (wind-proof design), creating a healthier comfortable environment.
  • Heavy Duty Mesh: Sewn with durable and reinforced materials and equipped with 2 magnetic strips on the bottom to better close. Tear-resistant and sturdy keep a long service life.
  • Easy Installation: No any special tools or expertise are required. You can choose paste tape or thumbtacks (included) to install.
  • If your door opens IN, install on the OUTSIDE of the door frame.
  • If your door opens OUT, install on the INSIDE of the door frame.
  • For sliding doors, attach the screen to the outside of the frame. For plastic or metal frames, only use the tapes.
  • For Wooden frames, you can also use the push pins provided for reinforcement. Please note that the push pins leave puncture holes on the door frame.
  • This bug off instant screen door can be washed, but don't put it in the washing machine.
  • Paste the nylon sticker on the door frame instead of the concrete wall.
  • DON'T let too much screen put on the floor, it will impact the effect of closing.
  • 1x Magnetic Mesh Curtain
  • 1x Paste Tape
  • 15x Thumbtacks

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