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Make playtime more fun by installing the polymer bucket Swing Seat in backyard. This bucket swing seat is fully enclosed high back and full bucket body design with sturdily crafted Polymer materials to ensure safety. It features Zinc Plated mental hooks for durable use, and is flexible and comfortable. Soft seat surface is comfortable for child. combine with plastisol-coated chain make it rust-proof and better touch feeling.

  • Flexible and sturdy polymer, comfortable and safe for kids.
  • 1.5 meters Fully plastisol-coated chain for better touch feeling and rust-proof
  • Galvanized hardware on seat
  • High back and full bucket for additional support.
  • Approved quality, meet the safety requirements
  • Material: Polymer + plastisol-coated mental chain
  • 2.Measures:diameter 1 meter /40inch
  • 3.Chain length:1.5Meter/59inch
  • 4.Maximum afford: 120kg /265 LB
  • 5.bucket Weight: 2.2KG
  • 6.Color: Green seat+yellow chain
  • 1X Bucket swing
  • 2X Plastisol-coated Chains
  • 2X Swing Hanging belts
  • 4X screw lock Snap Hooks

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