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1. The Fetal Doppler is a hand-held obstetrical unit. which can be used in home, clinic and hospital for daily self-check by pregnant woman. 2. U3-02 is a high performance model with (fetal heart rate) LCD digital display They are all available for user replaceable batteries The user interface includes power button, volume control, single speaker, headphone jack and LCD display for heart rate, battery and working mode, probe type. 3. U3-02 has audio output, and can be connected with speakers earphones or recorder with audio input. It uses standard 1.5V DC alkaline battery (requires two pieces 1.5 V DC alkaline batteries to operate). 4. The unit includes one piece interchangeable probe (2.5MHZ normal ultrasound probe). 5. Perfect to listen and record the heartbeat of unborn baby 12-14 weeks above. * NOTE: batteries, coupling agent and earphone are not included.


Material: PET/Plastic Color: white/pink Size: 13*6.2*2.7cm Weight: 225g Features: Battery status indicator; Low power inspection of the battery; Built-In speaker; Output for headphones; 2.5 MHz probe can be connected; Probe inspection.

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