3-Pieces: Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

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Do you love cooking and want your food exactly right? NewHome cast-iron skillet set is your choice. With our cast-iron skillets now cook all you can. Whether it be steaks, paninis, vegetables or anything you like your tummies to be fed. The perfectly sized wide diameters allow for ample cooking spaces, making them compatible with oven, stove, grill or over a campfire. In addition, these cast-iron skillets can be used on various heat sources including gas, electric, induction and ceramic-glass top stoves, and ovens. Moreover, pay attention while using them on a glass stove-top as slight sliding might cause a scratch to the surfaces.

  • Accurate Heat Distribution: Smooth finish helps provide even heat distribution for improved cooking and frying, even on grills, stoves or induction cooktops.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each all-purpose NewHome cast-iron skillet is crafted with seasoned cast iron that can outlast years of regular cooking and washing for long-term reliability.
  • Safe & Healthy: Cast-iron skillets have an added advantage over the regular non-sticky pans. You can avoid the harmful effects that are found in regular non-stick pans.
  • Easy To Clean & Care: Hand washing this pan with warm soapy water is recommended to preserve the cookware’s seasoned finish. The more you use your cast iron, the better your seasoning will become, making your cast iron darker and smoother over time. Season it with a thick coating of vegetable fat or oil.
  • Wide Application: Cast-iron skillet can be used for frying, baking, grilling, broiling, braising, and sautéing meats, vegetables and more!

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