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Not too long ago I sent a question to my subscribers asking them what were the largest problems they faced as they contemplated starting an online business.

The majority of the respondents told me that “information overload” was a huge problem for them. Some of the comments like, “I’m experiencing severe information overload”, were accompanied by statements that indicated a great deal of confusion and the inability to know what to do to even start an online business.

Here are a few randomly selected comments respondents sent:

–“In order to better focus my efforts, I would like to reduce the daily onslaught on my Inbox.” “My problem has been myself! Information overload and reading every guru idea online instead of testing some of my own ideas”

-“I feel bewildered by all the information that I’m accessing, am in the process of building a website full of giveaways and links, but sometimes feel as though it’s all in vain. Other times I feel quite positive and will make money this year. Have spent a considerable amount on info products but always feel that there’s something they’re not quite telling me.”

–“Do you know what I really want? One voice that is certain, fair, consistent, direct, and understanding. I want a mentor, a coach, I want direction and I want answers. I want the truth and I want to believe in myself and others.”

–“What do I do to start? Where do I start? I am interested in many things, and many look appealing, but what should I do first.”

–“Actually, just tonight, I realized that if I don’t stop jumping from one thing to another, focus on one project and take action each day, I’ll be in the same place two years from now except much poorer.”

–“I’m missing the focus I need to sit down, come up with a written/detailed plan on how to generate a consistent online income. I jump from one program to another without ever really seeing a project through to completion.”

–“Just keep reading and never get started – I am very new to this-I try this and that and jump around a lot to try the next ‘hot’ thing-no focus, don’t know what to do.”

I did the above. Infact I had a rough time getting on track (focusing) in the beginning of my internet marketing journey. If you are going through any of the above then guide is for you. Do not let the lack of focus derail your efforts and therefore prevent you from online success. Read this guide today to get back your focus and be on track to online success.

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