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Evangelist Marketing’s Alex Goldfayn had a great idea – why not make 20 videos in one day, and then post one to his website each day for 20 days. Once he decided on the content of each video, it probably took him no more than an hour or two to record them, giving him 20 full days of content to post.

If you have a blog, this should be giving you a great idea – spend one afternoon creating 2-4 weeks of content and then drip feed it out.

Alex’s videos are an excellent example of how to do this because they provide valuable content in a very succinct manner. There are no 30 second introductions or rambling dialogue –  he simply gets right to the heart of the matter by providing quick tips in about a minute that are immediately applicable. And who doesn’t have 1 minute to watch a video and learn something they can immediately put to good use?

Best of all, the content is superb. The first 10 videos are on the language of marketing. You can view the videos beginning right here:


The content is so good I’ve made a quick synopsis of each. Think of this as your cheat sheet so you can remember what you learned after you watch the videos:

Video 1: Keep your language simple. Use less words and easier to understand words. Get away from technology and methodology and simply express how you improve your customers’ lives or businesses.

Video 2: Your language has to be emotional. The most powerful and effective messaging centers on emotion rather than logic. Logic makes us think, emotion makes us buy.

Video 3: The best language comes from your customers because there’s nothing you can say about your product or service that’s more powerful than what your customers say.

Video 4: Talk about how your customer is better off once they’re done working with you. Don’t talk much about the step-by-step process, the system, specifications or methodologies because the customer doesn’t care.

Video 5: Instead of telling how your product or service works, tell stories of customers who are thrilled with you

Video 6: Communicate with your customers relentlessly, because if you stop someone else will take your place.

Video 7: Use real testimonials to communicate for you, because what other customers say is more important to prospects than what you say.

Video 8: Be bold, shameless and aggressive. Don’t be meek – stand out from the crowd by telling the customer exactly how great you are.

Video 9: The first 80 percent of your language should be focused on the emotional aspects of how you improve your life. Only after the 80% do you spend the other 20% telling them how you do it.

Video 10: Be consistent in your messaging – use the same language throughout your marketing.

The second 10 videos are on Mindset. You can tell he recorded all of these 20 videos in one day (or one hour) by the fact that he wears the exact same shirt in all 20, although he does remove his jacket after the first 10. HINT: If you want it to look like you made your videos over the course of days, you might want to change your shirt for each video.

Video 11: Think BIG! Don’t over plan, take action and be really confident. Believe you’re doing life-changing or business-changing work.

Video 12: Hold unwavering belief in your value and communicate that to your customers.

Video 13: Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t hesitate. Present your value relentlessly.

Video 14: Be shameless in your language. Colorful, memorable, confident language is key to capturing your market’s attention.

Video 15: Action begets action. Don’t over think, don’t over plan. The most successful marketers are constantly executing.

Video 16: Be resilient. Bounce back from failures and bad experiences quickly. Don’t give up – you’ll succeed more than you fail if you just keep going.

Video 17: Take the pressure off of yourself by doing good work, not perfect work.

Video 18: Set the example for everyone else. Be the leader.

Video 19: Your marketing should tell people how you improve their lives and work, not about the systems and technologies that make that improvement.

Video 20: Success begets success. Marketing leads to more marketing. Take action, get moving and get those small victories that lead to big victories.


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