The Ingenious Ugly Model Business Opportunity


In our quest for success, we often imitate others who are already successful, hoping to duplicate what they’ve already done. And while modeling others is indeed an excellent success tactic, it results in numerous people in the same niche all doing the same things with very little differentiation. Obviously it’s difficult to attract attention or customers when you’re looking like and acting like everyone else – so why not do the opposite?

There is a modeling agency in the U.K. that has been doing exactly that for the past 40 years. While every other agency is looking for super young, super thin and super beautiful models, The Ugly Modeling Agency specializes in, umm, shall we say, “not so pretty” models?

Which leads to the obvious question – what can you do in your Internet Marketing business that is the OPPOSITE of what everyone else has been doing? As this video demonstrates, nothing should be considered too radical, and it’s the most bizarre which might pay off the most.

Take a good look at each facet of your business, at your relationship to your customers and at your products and services. Now ask yourself – what can you do 180 degrees differently? How can you stand so far away from the pack, that you no longer have any competition?

Don’t be too quick to discount the answers you receive. No doubt the founder of this modeling agency thought his idea was crazy – yet it’s been working for 4 decades.

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