Avoid this common strategy when selecting a niche


The most common strategy that you’ll find new bloggers using to find their niches is simple: looking for the biggest niche in terms of audience and then starting to write in it.

Unfortunately, this is one of the surest ways to make life as difficult as possible for yourself.

An example of this might be to make a fitness blog. Fitness is a massive industry, it applies to everyone and we’ve seen countless other blogs be successful in this area. It’s a sure thing right?

Well no…

See, the very fact that fitness is such a popular niche is what makes it such a terrible choice for your first blog. If you’re creating a blog in the fitness industry, you now have to compete with thousands upon thousands of other blogs. Those include the likes of Bodybuilding.com and MarksDailyApple – blogs that have been around much longer, that have far more resources to pour into marketing and that have a lot of brand visibility.

Now you’ll write a post on ‘how to get six pack abs’ and you’ll be competing with a hundred million other articles on getting six pack abs. How can you hope to stand out and get noticed?

The same goes for finance and for other topics like dating.

There’s another problem too: writing for the ‘biggest niche’ will almost always mean picking something that you’re not already an expert in. Sure, anyone can write articles about sit-ups… until someone injures their spine and blames you for it! And if you’re writing about investment strategies, business management or other more complex topics then you may well find that it’s an awful lot harder to keep coming up with new stuff.

This doesn’t just mean you’re unlikely to stick at writing your blog (because you find it boring), it also means that you’re less likely to find more interesting and novel content – as you won’t be up-to-date with the latest news in the industry and you won’t have a full grasp on the subject.

For this reason, people who simply pick ‘popular’ niches to start their blogs in are almost always disappointed to find that after several years of just plugging away on the same topic they don’t actually get anywhere. And then they give up…


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