14 Ways To Make Money With Mobile Apps


Mobile Apps are taking over! Are you ready to tap into a $24.5 billion industry (and still growing)? Infact it is projected that by 2017 the revenues for mobile apps will be $77 billion Read Here. The reality is that it is not easy to make money from apps. Trust me I am in it. You need a game plan from successful apprenuers before you get into the app business so that you will know how to position yourself to make money. Another truth is that some apps will make you money while others will not. When you look at the successful apps you will notice that they are very well monetized whether it being having different rates to unlock levels or get coins. The best performing apps are games.These usually have a free and paid component in them.This is known as a freemium model.

Essential Guide to 14 Ways of Making Money With Mobile Apps course will teach the pros, cons and ways of succeeding with mobile apps. It is a very well rated course that has been taken by 2500+ students! You will leanr how to lay the right foundation as you embark on developing mobile apps that make you money.

Below are the various things you will learn in this course

  • The various appstores to publish apps in
  • The 3 ways to publish mobile apps
  • Pros, cons and how to succeed with each of the 14 ways that you can make money from mobile apps with.

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