Marketing ‘Gimmicks- The Shame of the Internet Marketing Community


Every day I receive multiple offers for all kinds of new marketing techniques that are supposed to dramatically increase my traffic and my income. The sad part is, a very, very small minority of these may actually work! I say “sad” because I will probably never try them. I won’t try them because I know from experience that traffic means absolutely nothing unless they are qualified visitors. So my marketing techniques tend to be simple and measurable.

The number of options for generating traffic to your site is staggering. There are link exchanges, viral techniques, ezine swaps, cloaking page techniques, smart pages, doorway scripts, pop-up exchanges, and dozens of others. Every week an new offer is made to get you to part with your hard-earned money and profits on a new magic traffic generation system.

One of the biggest selling products in Clickbank’s “Marketing and Ads” category is a membership program that blasts your ad to 2,500,000 websites every day for just $39.95…How can you tell if sites like this are really doing you a service or ripping you off? Well one way is the ‘promise’ being made. I mean it’s too outrageous to even contemplate. The promise is SO BIG that no one should ever believe it… but hope runs eternal and this site will be more than happy to take your money for nothing.

The other way to tell if the site delivers what it promises is by reviewing comments on the site through‘s toolbar add-on for Internet Explorer. To view comments left by other visitors or paying customers of the site, just click on the traffic number on your Alexa toolbar and scroll to the “User Reviews” section.

A potential scam is the “hits” scam. You’ve seen them advertised everywhere. They’ll tell you you’ll get 10,000 hits for $9.99 or 1,000,000 hits to your website for $39.95. I won’t go into detail about this kind of program because I went into some detail about this in an Interview I did with Scott Foster which you can download in the Bonus Learning Material section below.

All I want to say is that it is very easy to ‘imitate’ real visitors to your website using computer programs. In some cases, these packages are 100% computer generated and not one ‘real’ person ever sees your site. There are only a few very reliable ways to generate qualified traffic to your website. And we’re going to talk about them in the next section.

One last thing about scams… it’s my opinion, and just my opinion, that anyone who tells you you have to buy ‘keyword rich” domain names to do any serious marketing on the Internet is dead wrong… here’s why:

I’ll make a rather BOLD statement, and then back it up with a darn good argument:

A domain name is of relatively little importance when it comes to marketing anything on the Internet.

For example, what’s the word “ebay” mean?… it means nothing and it meant nothing UNTIL someone made it well known. How about “”?… The letters mean nothing! “M S N B C”? What the heck is that besides the combination of “MS” or Microsoft and “NBC” the television network? How about “” or “” or “” – are these names ‘keyword rich’? No. Are they related, even a little, to the main business that these companies are involved in? No. Are they “memorable”? Yes. But were they memorable BEFORE they became popular? No. A domain name means nothing… don’t get all excited about domain names.

It’s the BENEFIT and VALUE a site brings to the Internet community that makes it popular. “eBay” is a made-up word. “Google” is a made-up word. “Zoovy” is a made-up word – a kind of like a loose interpretation of the hip slang word, “groovy”. “ebay” doesn’t even have any relevant keywords to ‘auctions’ in it… it’s just an address, like a phone number to remember and dial up. I could easily setup a site tomorrow with the name “goofriddy” and if I provide a solid benefit to my visitors, it will grow in popularity even if no one knows what it means.

A website is an ADDRESS – and maybe a “brand” that’s all it is… like “Fuddruckers” – it’s just a made-up name that sounds funny so it’s memorable. If you’ve never heard of “Fuddruckers” it would mean nothing to you…and you’d probably think I was swearing at you. But if you’ve ever been in their restaurant you know they have great burgers and fries and a retro-look, so it means something to you, BUT ONLY because you’ve been to their restaurant.

The only domain name that you need is a simple one that people can possibly remember if they saw it in a newspaper or magazine article and weren’t near a computer to look it up. On the Internet, domain names are ‘addresses’ …THAT’S ALL THEY REALLY ARE. They don’t provide a benefit to your users, YOUR products and services provide the BENEFITS.

I have wasted a lot of money registering ‘must have’, ‘keyword rich’ domain names… it’s a waste of money, in my opinion.

Again, in my opinion, you’re wasting your time and you have more important things to consider than the ‘perfect’ domain name. Don’t fall for that trap. Instead ‘make-up’ a short but memorable name, register it and create a great product and service that’s full of BENEFITS for your visitors. If you’re site is good and useful people will visit and they won’t care if it’s called “” or “” if you give them something of great value that they want.


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