The Power of Questions – A Way to Generate Product Ideas


One of the strategies I’ve seen used over and over by a very, very few smart marketers (including yours truly 🙂 is to participate in discussion boards by asking questions.

Let’s say you want to find out what the hottest problems are facing your target market? A very easy way is to simply post a questions to an active discussion board! People love to respond to ‘challenges’ and ‘surveys’ on these boards.

You can start your post with something like, “What’s your biggest gripe about ______?“, etc…

As soon as you post your question you’ll start getting some really good responses that you can use to identify your target market’s problems… when you know the ‘problem’ you are a step away from creating a ‘solution’.

Sometimes I’ve seen posts like this generate heated arguments that go on for days… all good stuff! The more ‘heated’ the discussion gets the more interest there is… you can learn:

  • what problems people are having,
  • what their biggest objections are to existing products / or services and
  • what kind of solution they might be looking for!

It’s a GOLD MINE of information! Once you have an idea of what solutons there are for this problem, you research should start. You can build an info-product that will be an immediate hit.


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