The Two Ways To Build a Business Online… Which is Fastest Way To Profits?


Author: Simon Bryne

Having been involved with many ventures over the years both on and offline and tried so many ideas and methods it really makes my head spin. It’s been fun, entertaining and not without heartache along the way. One question I often ask myself and get asked by those starting out or trying to market online is:
Is it better to learn it all myself or just get someone to do it for me?

I remember years ago trying to do a tax return and accounts (I enjoy numbers and working stuff out). I phoned an accountant asking him for some advice. After discussing some points raised he said.
Why don’t you just give me the headache?

When you think of the time spent and the fact that this was his daily grind, knowing all the tricks of the trade. It was the logical decision to pass this task over to him. It turned out to be an excellent idea as he did a far better job than I ever could

So with regards to building a business online it can be particularly demanding with a lot of pieces to the puzzle: hosting, website design, SEO, Merchant Accounts, Legal, etc. It seems like a never ending list and then once setup you need to learn the marketing and strategy to get customers. When you lay it out and look at what’s involved, it’s not surprising people get overwhelmed and struggle to implement it all.

I was at a business seminar last year where results from a huge survey of thousands of people revealed it was the implementation that held most people back. Just in the room alone 95% of people raised their hands in agreement when it was spoken about, they knew what they wanted to do just struggled to get it done. When we start something that we are new and unfamiliar with, we think we need to learn it all and don’t feel confident if we simply hand it over to someone else to do it. Of course, we like and need to have an overview and monitor it, but do we need to try to be a master in all things? Personally I fell into this bear trap when starting online and took so many courses it was sheer madness. I have always been pretty good academically and thought I could handle doing multiple courses at once, Wow, how wrong could I have been. Soon I was even dreaming of my course work, and my brain could not switch off, a big mistake but lesson learned.

There are two approaches

Some of the marketer’s, business owners, entrepreneurs out there outsource everything and don’t know much about building websites, traffic, or much of the mechanics. Which in my opinion is a clever way to go as it frees them up to just concentrate on building a business. This all costs money of course, and you may not be in the position to do this, but now with marketplaces to hire people like, and (now it can be highly affordable. I know others who do 90% of it themselves and try to keep things as simple as they can. This seems to work too for the right people. It all depends on your business model and niche as some will be more labour intensive than others.

Looking back, I would say the quickest and more efficient way is to give someone else the headache and get as much done as you can so you can concentrate on making sales and customer acquisition. You will still need a basic knowledge of how something works, but you will not be faced with a huge learning curve and time drain of trying to do it all yourself, it can literally drain you both financially and physically. Look at where your current sticking points are and try to identify the tasks that cause you to procrastinate. Can you give someone else the headache and know it will be done while you move forward?

It’s really well worth doing.

As a member of a few networks, I see people every day signing up for yet another course when they are already learning two or three, maybe more. It’s the last thing you need as your digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole that you will need to come out of someday. Once you get overwhelmed in courses, it can put a high amount of stress on you, and it then becomes a chore rather than an enjoyable learning experience. I still have courses I have not completed yet on my hard drive and probably never will. Education is important for sure but if you’re not moving forward in the implementation stage, work on that area first to get the best return on your investment in time and money.

So look at your plan and ask which chunks can I get others to do, it may be you have a cousin who is a whiz kid web designer or a close friend who knows Adwords or Facebook Ads. If not visit the sites mentioned to find a high rated professional with good feedback. The Internet marketing arena can be a tough venue, especially if you try to do it all yourself. Think of the Mission Impossible movies when the leader gets his brief and is then given his team; the shooter, the computer guy, the negotiation, etc. They all had specialized skills to make the mission work.

Try putting your team together, it can make all the difference in the world to get you moving forward and towards your success online.

Author: Simon Bryne
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