Digital Publishing: Learn to Quickly Create Newsstand Magazine Apps


Have you considered newsstand magazine apps? They are a fast growing segment of the apps ecosystem. Newsstand magazine apps are closing in the 10000 number. This is far less than the over 1.2 million apps. Because of the low number of magazine apps available you can create one that can easily take off and earn you recurring income. Create a magazine app is not difficult. You can have a high quality magazine that is 12 pages magazine created for $45. See below for one of the magazines that I have.

I created a course in that gives you a detailed step by step process of creating a digital newsstand magazine app. Once you are done with this course you will be able to create a newsstand magazine app even if you have minimal or zero technical skills.

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Below are some of the things you will learn in this course:

  • What a newsstand magazine app is
  • The cost of publishing a newsstand magazine app
  • List of cost effective mobile app builders
  • 10 ways to make money with magazines apps
  • Different ways to get content for your digital magazine, compiling your content, adding ads and images.
  • Publishing your digital magazine to the appstores (Google Playstore, Itunes and Kindle). Itunes and Kindle publication are in the process of being recorded and will be added. This will make this course very comprehensive.

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