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Ideas are free and can be used by anyone… that’s what creates competition in the marketplace. The only thing that can be copyrighted, in an information product, is the ‘expression’ of that idea in it’s various forms: written, audio, artistic, etc. You cannot copy the exact ‘physical’ expression of anyone’s ideas… BUT you can create ‘new’ products BASED ON ANY IDEA you find, as long as the (written, audio or artistic) expression of this ‘new product’ is in your own words!

If it was possible to copyright or legally protect an “idea”, progress in this world would come to an immediate STOP. Students researching their thesis would all be in jail and writers would have nothing to write about – if they couldn’t use other people’s ‘ideas’ in their own writings and research.

There are TWO very powerful ideas – PRIME METHODS – I use to get new ideas and create new information products:

1. Simplify complex information

Take complex information and simplify it to the point where almost anyone can understand it. If you can make a ‘complex’ subject simple… you have the basis for a best-selling information product.

2. Organize chaos

Are people CONFUSED and in chaos about a particular subject? Are people asking questions about “how to_______” (whatever)… to get something done? This is an opportunity to “organize chaos” by creating an information product that helps people become less confused by pulling together a lot of information about a widespread problem and simply writing a potential solution, that’s easy to understand, about the problem they’re facing.

“Simplifying complex information” and “organizing chaos” are two of the best ways to create INSTANT best-selling information products.


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