75 ways to make money with your WordPress blog/site


Let’s be honest blogging is wonderful. It is especially fun if you are blogging about something near and dear to you, like your book, your products or service, or your business. Add “make money from your blog” to the mix and you have a combination that’s hard to beat. If you are like most bloggers you want to make money with your blog. The good news is that you can. It is possible to earn a couple hundred dolaars a month with your blog and even replace your “day job” completely!

The truth is that you will not earn a fulltime income overnight. You probably won’t do it next month. But if you treat monetizing your blog like an elephant, one bite at a time you will reach your income goals quickly.

In general there are two ways to make money with your blog, through your blog or because of your blog. In your blog you take paid advertisements or sell products and or services. you make money because of your blog by being hired for writing assignments, speaking engagements or providing consulting.

This guide will describe 75 ways to make money with your WordPress site. Select a couple, mix and match and you will be making money in no time.

This guide is part of the all access training that I offer. In all access training you will get many actionable content that you can easily implement to better improve your financial and health position.


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