How To Create 4 Products In A Month


Would it be nice if you are able to quickly create products? With the formula that I will reveal to you shortly, you can easily do so. The more quality products you have the more money you will make and the more you will be highly regarded as a go to person in your niche.

The easiest way to develop multiple products is using the 10 x 10 matrix. In this method you define a list of ten things in your niche that you want to address in your product. Then for each of the ten things list ten things.

With the 10 x 10 matrix formula you can create any infoproduct. An infoproduct can be created in any format: audio, video, powerpoint, pdf, infographic. .

The first step is to write the name of your 10 x 10 matric at the top of a blank Ms Word document/any word processor application/notepad. The next step is to think of 10 areas where you could teach someone
about your niche, and write out one line for each of these areas (these will be your 10 topics)

For example, if your niche is gardening, your 10 topics might be:

(1) Basic Concepts of Gardening
(2) Vegetable Gardening
(3) Fruit Gardening
(4) Inside Gardening
(5) Outside Gardening
(6) Gardening in Tropical Climates                                                                                                                 (7)Gardening in Cold Climates
(8) How to Plant
(9) How to Take Care of Weeds
(10) How to Preserve Your Vegetables

If you need more than 10 topics, that is fine, you can have a 12 x 10 matrix, or a 14 x 10 matrix. In this example, I will continue to refer to it as the 10 x 10 matrix, regardless of the actual size yours ends up becoming.

Now, create 10 subtopics for each of your 10 topics, which will mean when you are done, you will have a total of 100 subtopics. In this case, just for an example, let’s start with the first topic “Basic Concepts of Gardening” and create 10 subtopics.

Those subtopics might be:

Choosing what to grow
What months to plant
What months to tend
What months to harvest
How to plant
How to weed
How to use fertilizer
How to use organic fertilizer
How to protect your plants

Then you would create a list of 10 subtopics each for each of the other topics. This would create your 10 x 10 matrix. I realize this exercise may not be easy. But I have found with my experience with hundreds of clients over the last few years, that once this is completed, the entire rest of their business goes a lot smoother.

Just hang in there and do this exercise, once you complete it, you can easily write an ebook, write
multiple articles each day, and write emails for your email campaign. It all becomes so much easier when this 10 x 10 matrix “outline” is complete.


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